Top Twitter freebie: TwitterMosaic

My Twitter “friends” are those who I follow and who mutually follow me.
Usually displayed in one long vertical list in the Twitter browser, my list goes on for five or six pages, not the best way to navigate quickly to a friend’s stream.
Enter TwitterMosaic, a free image generating utility by Sxoop Technologies in Cork, Ireland.

The image happens to appeal to those who, like me, have dominant visual learning style preferences.

I noticed patterns and generalities. I came to a few conclusions about Twitter profile pictures from seeing my TwitterMosaic.

  • The first lesson I learned from this is to make sure my profile picture represents me well in that small size.
  • The second lesson is how the profile picture can mislead or misrepresent a person or organization. beforeafter People should have photos and companies should have logos. Before I learned this, I thought I’d be clever and change from a photo to a stylized “G” as my image. My friends will notice that I went back to a personal photo. This is Branding 101.

Each image in my TwitterMosaic is clickable, revealing their individual Twitter streams. Go read their streams, but don’t forget to come back here!

And if you’re interested in following my Twitter stream, follow @GeeWhiz.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

Get your own twitter mosaic at


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